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How to deal with emergencies during patrol

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When encountering a current crime, a warning shall be immediately given and the person shall be promptly seized. If the suspect does not listen to refusal, he is arrogant or has the possibility 

When encountering a current crime, a warning shall be immediately given and the person shall be promptly seized. If the suspect does not listen to refusal, he is arrogant or has the possibility of escape, a rescue signal shall be issued immediately. Please contact the nearest security guard or client and the public security department. 110 "To come to support or dispose; if the criminal suspect has fled, organize the personnel to pursue it as soon as possible, and report the client unit and "110", it is necessary to pay attention to the criminal suspect's physical characteristics.

In case of unlawful infringement and disaster accidents in the patrol area, it is necessary to immediately call 110 and immediately report to the client, and at the same time issue a request for support signal to other security personnel. At the same time do a good job of on-site protection work, prohibit the entry of irrelevant personnel, and maintain good site order. Those who need emergency rescue should actively participate in rescue personnel and property. The security guards should pay attention to the detection of suspicious persons during the maintenance of the on-site order and prevent lawbreakers from looting and taking measures to prevent the situation from expanding.