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Security patrol should pay attention to matters

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When performing patrolling tasks, it is advisable to take great strides during the day and be generous in nature. At night, you should remain calm, be aware of your eyes, ears, and feet,

When performing patrolling tasks, it is advisable to take great strides during the day and be generous in nature. At night, you should remain calm, be aware of your eyes, ears, and feet, and carefully identify all kinds of sound, air, light, and suspicious symptoms. When you are patrolling, you must be alert and alert, follow the shadows of the walls or the trees, and take care to avoid the lights so as to hide yourselves and achieve my purpose of seeing the enemy and the enemy. Under normal circumstances, people should not eavesdrop under the windows of the staff and residents' homes or in front of them to avoid suspicion. Be particularly vigilant when passing corners. In the corner of the wall at night, it is necessary to slow down the pace in advance and pause briefly. Observe the movement in front of the corner using the darkness of the corner. When no suspicious or special symptoms are found, turn the corner again to prevent the sudden attack by suspects. .

Two or more persons shall also perform patrol duties at the same time. In case of circumstances, they shall support each other and give full play to the advantages of collective power. Between patrolling security guards, visual contact and gestures can be used during the day to make contact; at night, the use of high-fiving or flashlight flashes can be used to communicate, but the signals and signals must be agreed in advance. Farther away, use walkie-talkie contact.

Patrols must take a stop-and-move approach, combining ears, eyes, and nose, fast, slow, and suddenly change the direction of travel. For the patrolling areas where the security situation is relatively good, a method of passing through can be adopted; for areas where the security situation is more complicated or relatively remote, one or more irregular reentry and carbine-type patrol methods are adopted; for the patrol area In the city, there are important and repeated rounds of patrols for important targets, areas of key areas, or the periphery of bustling places. When suspicious circumstances are discovered, they should be closely monitored, carefully observed, and strengthened to prevent crime from occurring.

Fourth, in the patrol, security personnel must dress neatly, the instrument is upright, full of energy. When dealing with problems, we must lay emphasis on facts, reason, patience, and convincing people with reason; languages should be civilized, such as: “I'm sorry, we have regulations, and we are not permitted to leave posts on patrol. Please cooperate with our work. Thank you!” "I'm sorry to have delayed your time, please forgive me!" Disambiguation of swearwords is prohibited and it is forbidden to make martyrdom, snoring or threatening people.

Patrols should focus on results and prevent passing through. When patrolling, it is necessary to clarify the patrol's key time, key positions and road sections, and to keep the file in time and space, so that the protection target is always placed under the effective control of security personnel. It is necessary to analyze and study the key points and main tasks of patrolling in a certain period of time and adjust the patrol forces and methods in a timely manner. Security guards must abide by all disciplines in patrolling and must treat each minor doubt with a high sense of responsibility. Pay attention to the reasonable combination of patrol personnel. Every patrol team has certain social experience. Security personnel with certain resilience and good physical fitness should take a certain proportion, and the strengths and weaknesses should be combined to form a strong overall action.